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The Ramsgate International Film Festival is a celebration of new works by local and international filmmakers, embracing innovative storytelling and new technologies, where diversity and inclusion are a matter of fact. The festival wants to nurture emerging talents and confirmed filmmakers.
The Ramsgate International Film Festival is held in Ramsgate with its stunning Royal Harbour, unique in England and its surroundings. The organisation also runs a variety of screenings throughout the year to bring more international independent cinema to local audiences as well as various events and workshops.
The Festival focus is to show new works and help promote film makers. Screenings are complemented by a strong programme of quality events and seminars, with industry professionals of high reputation, who have already confirmed their attendance.
All screenings are chosen by the Selection Committee, which is composed of a panel of industry professionals and local residents.
To add to the experience, festival goers will have the opportunity to explore the area rich in culture, maritime heritage and historic architecture, and enjoy its waterside and cafés.


VIIIth Ramsgate International Film Festival – the Palmarès

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Discover the full selection this year, 20 features and 70 shorts from 36 countries.

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BEYOND THE RAGING SEA by Marco Orsini to close the Festival

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